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A Business Automation Engineer at Axelerant is successful when people have more time for human relationships, and their administrative tasks are minimized. Your role is constantly challenging the status quo, getting things done more efficiently, and iterating on the current automation.

Automation at Axelerant is spread across functions and workflows ranging from recruitment, performance management, people operations, and org-level metrics. Over 200 automation scenarios are set up with 100,000 operations per month through Zapier, Make, Google, Slack, JazzHR, Jira, third-party APIs, and other platforms.

You are expected to understand the business use case, collaborate to identify potential automation touchpoints, and even go beyond asking people what they want. The intention is to develop a seamless experience through understanding dependencies, examining actions, and studying impact. We also recognize that sometimes, the best automation is none, and getting better at automation might be burdensome.

This is a fully remote position, open for well-qualified people from anywhere. Travel may occur, though much of the work occurs from where you desire. Work is often done in small teams or independently and with minimal supervision. You’ll join our Global Delivery Team, regularly working on special projects with Delivery and People management teams.


Responsible for designing and building optimized operations automation with non-trivial functionality

Responsible for guiding technical discussions with both technical and non-technical audiences

Responsible for mutually agreeable outcomes with clients, partners, and other stakeholders

Responsible for understanding how system functions contribute to the strategic direction of the business and the ability to make valuable contributions

Responsible for solving problems effectively by gathering insight from team members, ensuring that they have all the information they need for accurate analysis and consideration, involving them, and supporting them as needed

Responsible for identifying, analyzing, and solving problems systematically rather than solely by intuition or instinct; looking for root causes, not just symptoms of the pain; weighing pros and cons of actions; and deciding when to escalate issues

Responsible for transforming requirements into technical architecture and tasks delegated to team members with essential grooming and recommended Implementation details.

Responsible for documenting workflows, incidents, and issues for communication and reference purposes

Responsible for understanding and analyzing sensitive data while ensuring its security


At least two years of automation experience

Experience using automation APIs or platforms, e.g., Google Apps Script, Google/Slack/third-party APIs, and /n8n/Zapier scenarios

Experience using SQL with relational database management systems and Google Apps

Experience with JavaScript or Python-based software development

Strong English communication and team collaboration skills

Exposure to organization-level business processes

Ability to function in a multiple-stakeholder environment

Nice to Have

Actively contributing to open-source projects

Coachable leadership and presentation skills

Experience providing technical consulting and support

Experience using agile methodologies

Experience using

Experience with cloud-based infrastructure and large-scale application deployment

Experience with data science

Special Considerations

All of Axelerant’s roles are considered work from anywhere. But, we’re mainly looking to build our teams around Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia unless specified otherwise. And, we typically expect people to have a two-hour crossover with 11 AM to 7 PM India (UTC+05:30) each workday for meetings and coaching. Further, our salaries are India-based with regional factoring, though some overrides exist.

About Axelerant

We began as an idea in 2012 to build a work from anywhere professional services organization that empowers our team members. Today, we have achieved that and are continuously improving our career, engagement, and performance programs, as demonstrated by our and .

for customers as their primary partner of record. This means that our growing team of over 180 is amongst the best worldwide who create substantial value for our customers because they care about what they do.


Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Opportunities

We believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team is critical to our success as a global company. We seek to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. Kindness and openness are Axelerant core values, and when you qualify for a role, we will make an effort to include and accommodate you, even when that looks different than it seems for others. E.g., non-standard work hours, specialized work equipment, modified work agreements.


Event Sponsorship

We want you to attend events related to the things you care about. Get sponsored by us to attend when you’re contributing locally and beyond.

Meaningful Time Off

52 weekends and 35 days per year of consolidated leave plus maternity, paternity, and sabbatical allowances.

Professional Development

We’re always teaching and learning. Continuing education, peer mentorship, life coaching, certifications, and training help our team members advance professionally.

Remote & Flexible

All you need is a reliable Internet connection. Work from anywhere you’re comfortable and choose work hours to balance your life.

Retreats & Meetups

With annual retreats, quarterly town halls, and monthly celebrations, we never let remote get in the way of work or fun.

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