iClanz Inc


DevOps Engineer

Remote – Canada

Long Term contract

Must have 10+ years experience

Job Description:


· Work in the DevOps team, to build new shared infrastructure services for on premises failover environment: S3, Kafka, Data Bases, etc .

· Work with Platform automation team to establish connectivity between new failover shared services, tools, and existing shared services: CI/CD, Secret, identity, LDA, DNS, Artifactory, Jenkins, Harness, Splunk, Rancher etc. services

· Work with DevOps team to automate deployment DR strategy Automation of data sync and replication between Cloud and failover environments required between all applications

· Continuously improve the processes and the DevOps team using thoughtful, calculated approaches to identify opportunities, and challenge those around you to strive for perfection

· Ideate solutions to complex technical challenges; code, test, troubleshoot, debug, and document the solutions you develop. Use agile software development model to produce well-designed programs, scripts, and tools required to provision, configure, and monitor new shared infrastructure services for on premises failover environment

Key Skills:

· Specializing in Cloud Infrastructure Modernization, virtualization, data center setup, DR & BC Strategies, and DevOps

· Hands-on experience with Terraform for infra-automation (IaC) is a must

· Experience in on-premises data center operations, AWS and VMware hosted data center and operations management is an added advantage

· hands-on experience on CI/CD tools and technologies, workload deployments and monitoring

· Experience with configuring & managing Docker/Kubernetes based deployments

· Experience with Rancher administration

· Experience with HELM Charts

· At least 3 years of experience of working on Container orchestration using Kubernetes for advanced installation, configuration, and deployments in Multi-tenant Kubernetes architecture

· At least 3 years of experience of monitoring tools and integration of those tools with existing CI/CD tools and any one container log management tool

· At least 4 years of experience of working on Application Containerization by developing Dockerfiles

· Hands-on knowledge and experience of microservices and it’s deployment

· Knowledge of and administration experience with tools & services like Jenkins, Harness, Jason/YAML, Groovy etc.

· Expert proficiency in Linux system administration

· Expert proficiency in deploying Cloud based infrastructure

· Expert proficiency in modern SCM packages

· Advanced to Expert proficiency in development programming languages (Java, Node.JS, Python etc.), database technologies (Postgres, Redis, Aurora), and networking protocols used for the implementation of supported systems

· 7 or more years of progressively complex related experience

· Experience with integrating QA automation scripts with CI / CD pipelines to implement continuous testing

· Code Management System – Git, GitHub

· Build – Maven / Ant /Gradle / MS Build

· Continuous Integration – Jenkins

· Code Quality – SonarQube / Junit / PMD

· Repository – JFrog Artifactory

· Continuous Deployment – Harness, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Rancher

· Containerization – Docker, Kubernetes

· Operating Systems – Unix, Linux

· At least 2 years of experience in writing scripts using Python / Shell Script, Groovy, YAML/Jason

iClanz Inc

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