If you’re an Expat who is is living abroad and looking for a stimulating opportunity outside the corporate structures that gives you flexibility to travel back home to see friends and family while working remotely, then you may be the perfect fit for our team!
As fellow entrepreneurs in the dynamic Personal Development and Self Growth industry, we are thrilled to offer you an extraordinary opportunity to work flexibly and take your potential to the next level working with Adult Education and self-paced learning materials.
We are seeking talented individuals with a global backdrop at a transformation moment in their life or career who possess that ‘fire in their belly’ when presented with a fresh opportunity that taps into their entrepreneurial spirit to succeed.

You’ll enjoy the autonomy of working remotely, while benefiting from success tools and world-class training. You’ll hold yourself accountable to a disciplined method of independent operation. We thrive on applying an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve exceptional results, and we reward high performance with significant financial incentives.

Your Daily Duties & Responsibilities:
Aspire to build and support your own team, fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.

Embrace a continuous growth journey, living by the principles of the self growth products we promote.

A love of connecting with people and fostering their growth.

Set and surpass daily, weekly, and monthly goals, driving tangible outcomes and impact – the sky is the limit!
Establish strong connections with potential clients forging meaningful relationships along the way.

Actively nurture your business pipeline with the guidance and support of ongoing coaching and mentorship.

Participate enthusiastically in weekly personal development training sessions led by other successful entrepreneurs.

Your Qualifications:
Your innate interest in and attraction towards personal development and self-growth set you apart as a remarkable individual capable of achieving exceptional results in this business.

As a self-motivated achiever, you have an unwavering drive to reach new heights, embodying a go-getter attitude that inspires others around you.

Your ability to pivot and apply fresh perspectives empowers you to deliver tangible outcomes that make a difference.

As a big thinker with a growth mindset, you embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Your positive outlook and curious lens on life make you an inspiring force within our team.

Your outstanding communication and interpersonal skills enable you to connect deeply with people from diverse backgrounds.

With 5+ years of work experience, you bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our dynamic team.

Please note that as we operate in the realm of remote online work, setup and running expenses should be anticipated.
Join us in the booming Personal Development industry where the uptake of Adult Education is on a substantial growth trajectory. We are excited to witness your personal growth and success as we make a lasting impact on the lives of others and build something incredible!
To ensure the best fit for our team, we kindly ask that no applications be submitted from students or recent graduates.

*Performance based remuneration


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