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A French Language Teacher is responsible for instructing students in the French language, focusing on developing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. They create and implement lesson plans, assess students’ progress, and provide feedback to enhance their language learning experience. The French Language Teacher promotes a positive and engaging learning environment, encourages cultural understanding, and may organize extracurricular activities related to French language and culture.

Job Responsibilities:

Develop and implement effective lesson plans tailored to meet the needs of students at various proficiency levels, following established curriculum guidelines and objectives.

Teach French language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension, writing, and conversational skills, utilizing a variety of teaching methods and materials.

Maintain a positive and productive classroom environment, promoting student engagement, participation, and mutual respect.

Evaluate student progress through regular assessments, quizzes, and examinations, providing constructive feedback to facilitate improvement and growth.

Identify students’ strengths and weaknesses in language learning and adapt teaching strategies to meet individual needs, providing additional support or challenging tasks as necessary.

Utilize educational technology resources and digital tools to enhance language learning, such as interactive software, multimedia materials, and online language resources.

Introduce students to French culture, traditions, and customs, fostering cultural awareness and appreciation through various activities and resources.

Maintain open and effective communication with students, parents, and colleagues regarding students’ progress, challenges, and achievements.

Stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies, language teaching trends, and educational research to enhance teaching skills and maintain professional growth.


Bachelor’s degree in French language, Education, or a related field. A master’s degree is preferred.

Fluent in French and English, with excellent written and verbal communication skills in both languages.

Teaching certification or relevant teaching experience in French language instruction.

Knowledge of effective teaching methods and techniques for teaching a foreign language.

Familiarity with language teaching resources, technology, and digital tools.

Strong interpersonal skills to communicate with students, parents, and colleagues effectively.

Patience, adaptability, and a passion for teaching and promoting language learning.

Cultural knowledge and understanding of French customs, traditions, and society.

Organizational and time management skills to plan lessons and assess student progress effectively.


Opportunity to be a part of a dynamic growth focused tech startup

Great learning opportunities to develop new skills and understanding of cutting edge software tools and processes

Opportunity to work closely with serial tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley

Fun loving environment and caring team mates and inclusive culture of the company


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