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Our client in Ed-tech field is searching for a qualified talent to join their firm:

Implement Micro-service and Domain-Driven Design architectures to accomplish the following goals: accelerate product deployment, high scalability in both scale and features, optimize performance and reliability.

Manage projects dealing with multi-sensor data sources: Brainwave Detection, Webcam Emotion Detection, Voice Recognition … to build AI-based Personalized Learning models and applications, GPT supports teaching and learning

Manage Agile Squad Teams with a full range of roles, divided by A/B Testing-driven and Architecture-led projects, by End-User and Enterprise User teams

Develop tech Environment System: Micro-Service Architecture from Day 1; main tech stacks: Java, PHP, Python, SpringBoot, ReactJS, React Native, mySQL, mongoDB, Redis, Kafka. Infrastructure 100% based on K8s

Developing plana, resource allocation, project management, and performance management

Participate in the development and implementation of the companys technology strategy, develop roadmap and technology selection

Maintain and upgrade the CEP-200 software development process, companys culture, Tech Teams unique culture, find, attract and retain talent


A bachelors degree in Engineering/Information technology/Computer Science or related fields

At least 4+ years experience in Back-end, 2 years with Java

A deep understanding of engineering principles, processes, and methodologies relevant to the specific industry or field is crucial

Have a strategic mindset and the ability to align engineering objectives with overall business goals.

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, are necessary to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams, present technical information to non-technical stakeholders, and provide clear instructions and feedback to team members.

Contact: Dieu Vo


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