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Company Description

Great internships are not only the ones that prepare you for the work you hope to do after completing your studies, but they are also the ones that help you realise what work you’re currently best suited for and where you might really fit in the working world. We give our interns work that help push their limits and capabilities whenever and wherever possible to prepare them for a future where new job opportunities may require you to become more skilled and efficient workers, especially with the rise of innovation in both business and IT.

SEEKA Technologies (Not Seeka Limited) is a project under its parent organization called Fresh Futures Australia which is an education consultant based in both Australia and Malaysia. We are developing and creating a platform that utilises A.I. to help match students and job seekers to the right opportunities relevant to them from Kindergarten up to the University along with vocational training centers and language schools and ofcourse to businesses and companies who need the right candidates. Our mission is to make it easier for anyone to find, filter and apply to educational institutions and companies in a more seamless manner.

We are currently looking to hire and give interns the opportunity to put into practice the technical skills and programming languages learnt from educational programs and even online courses. Bellow are the important details you will need to take note of:

Only English is spoken on the job

The minimum number of internship months we can accept is 2 months

Both international students and locals are welcome to apply for this position

This internship is completely work from home and international students who are based in countries at least 3 hours away from Malaysia are more than welcome to apply

Job Description

The primary role

Web scrapping using HTML and Python on beautiful soup, Sellenium, Pycharm and more

To check and ensure that the data in the csv. files match what is on the websites and that the code is working and then keeping/storing the csv files into Dropbox

Other roles if there is no vacancy for webscrappers

QA/ Software Testing for our website and application and documenting any issues, bugs or errors found as well as any possible solutions for them

AI automation testing using the Recombee platform (Suitable for Machine Learning, AI or Data Science majors)

Research into the best ways to develop/create/establish a system or element of our platform like chatbots, automated responses, etc if needed

If needed: Using Adobe XD to open prototype designs and analyze the UI/UX

If needed: Assisting senior developers by coordinating project management activities using Jira

Note: We mainly use Skype and Dropbox, but with seniors developer you may also have the opportunity to use Microsoft Teams.


Ideally you should be a current student or recent graduate of any Information Technology (I.T.) related field, even Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Computer Engineering, Mechatronics as well as majors that involve dealing with electrical circuits.

Good understanding of the basic concepts behind Java, Python, SQL, HTML, R code and any other programming languages

Good time management skills and focus on getting tasks done before the end of the day

Experience using Python, Pycharm, Sellenium, Beautiful soup, Scrapestorm and Octoparse is a bonus

Experience with A.I. development is a bonus

Experience using Adobe XD is a bonus

Experience using frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, EmberJS, jQuery, Ionic or full-stack development is a bonus

Some familiarity with deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) is a bonus

Project management skills and the ability to use project management tools like Dropbox, AirTable ,Jira, Trello, Asana, a bonus

Ability to come up with new creative or innovative ideas is a bonus

Some interest in DevOps is a bonus

Having a passion for automating processes and workflows is a bonus

Good command of English skill.

Detailed person, able to execute fast and handle stress.

Communicable person and ask for help if in doubt

Additional Information


You can work from home for the whole internship period

A reference letter can be requested upon completion of internship

A bit of flexibility with working time aside from the usual 9am to 6pm (Ex. 8am to 5pm / 7:30am to 4:30pm)

If you are able to show real project management skills and you are able to help us manage, schedule and ensure the successful delivery of tasks as well as work with our senior developers then you will be given consideration for either a part-time OR full-time position with us.

Seeka Technology

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