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PT RGF Human Resources Agent Indonesia


Min 1+ year of Data Analyst or Machine Learning.

Hands-on experience in building ML models deployed into real-world business applications or research.

Working knowledge of ML/DL algorithms (classification, regression, clustering, hyperparameter tuning, etc).

Proficiency with Python and libraries for machine learning such as scikit-learn and pandas.

Good understanding of Deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, MXNet, etc.

Experience in using computer vision libraries such as OpenCV, PIL.

Preferable Skill / Experience

Experience working with cloud services platform (AWS or GCP) to build ML/DL pipelines.

Experience in multi-GPU model training with CUDA.

Experience in ML experiment tracking tools (e.g. WandB, Neptune, TensorBoard).

Experience in model deployment using Docker (e.g. AWS SageMaker, Google Kubernetes Engine).

Experience in model compression or quantization for on-edge-device inference.

Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery(CI/CD).

Relevant certifications in machine learning and cloud technologies (e.g., AWS, Coursera) would be a plus.

[Only CV in English will be processed]

Tanggung Jawab

Translate and refine business goals into appropriate machine learning objectives.

Design and implement ML/DL solutions and integrate them with various Big Data platforms and architectures.

Create and maintain ML pipelines that are scalable, robust, and ready for production.

Collaborate with domain experts, software developers, and data scientists.

Troubleshoot ML/DL model issues, including recommendations for retrain, re-validate, and improvements/optimization.

Other related tasks as assigned.

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Tentang Perusahaan

RGF is stands for RECRUIT GLOBAL FAMILY, a global brand of Japan’s largest recruiting and information service company, Recruit Holdings co., Ltd.

We created this brand of our commitment to take on a new challenge to leverage on Recruit Group’s more over 50 years of industry experience and business network in Japan, to provide new opportunities to our clients across the region.

RGF HR AGENT takes charge of RGF’s business entity in general recruitment services. We provide total human resource services to clients at every stage of staff placement, such as evaluation, remuneration, and staff training. At the same time, we assist job-seekers in various ways to find the right job according to their individual preferences and experiences. Besides our services to assist full time staff recruitment, we also offer a range of support services for RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and contract base/temporary recruitment needs.

Our Company’s status as the Japan #1 market share holder in human resource, temporary staffing, and job advertisement field makes it possible for us to provide high quality total human resource management services not only in Japan but across the region.

We just open our RGF HR AGENT Brand in Indonesia on 1st May, 2013 and will continue and expand the business for the future.

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