Michael Page

Product Management

– Responsible for the operations and management of product-related projects, including product optimisation.
– Independently carry out requirement analysis, prototype design, product requirement documentation, drive product development and iteration, as well as other aspects of the product life cycle.
– Responsible for interfacing and coordination work with the technical engineering team and design team with the view to drive product delivery in a timely and orderly manner.
– Assist in relevant work areas with the Operations and Marketing team.
– Continue to track the product’s progress and propose product optimization plans through data analysis.

Excellent DeFi project|Core member of the team

-Must have at least 2 years of product design experience, must have led a product lifecycle from concept to delivery (Project Start, Market Research, Requirement Gathering, Specification Design (PRD – Product Requirement Documentation), Development Management, UAT, Product Delivery.
-Possess passion and familiarity with the principles and technology of the Blockchain / Crypto Industry, bonus if you have experience designing and delivering Blockchain / Crypto related products.
-Possess strong writing & language competency for documentation.

-Comfortable with the use of English and Chinese language mediums due to communication requirements in these language mediums.

We are looking for individuals who are keen to join a vibrant team. You are someone who:

has an immense interest in blockchain-related technology

well on your way to being a CryptoNative

has an insatiable thirst for growth and learning,

is keen to build and grow together with the industry

DeFi,remote work

100% remote work

Competitive salary

Michael Page

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