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Job Summary: The Recruitment Intern will assist the Human Resources team in various aspects of the recruitment and hiring process. This role will provide exposure to the end-to-end recruitment lifecycle, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding activities. The intern will work closely with the Recruitment Manager and HR team to support the organization’s talent acquisition efforts.

Key Responsibilities:

Sourcing and Candidate Identification:

Assist in sourcing candidates from various online platforms, job boards, social media, and other sources.

Help in creating and posting engaging job descriptions and advertisements.

Conduct preliminary resume screening to identify potential candidates.

Screening and Interviewing:

Schedule interviews and coordinate communication between candidates and interviewers.

Participate in initial phone screens and preliminary interviews.

Collect and document candidate feedback post-interview.

Candidate Management:

Maintain the candidate database and applicant tracking system (ATS) with accurate and up-to-date information.

Ensure timely follow-up with candidates regarding the status of their applications.


Gain practical experience in talent acquisition and recruitment processes.

Learn about HR practices and the dynamics of a professional work environment.

Opportunity to develop communication, coordination, and time management skills.

Exposure to different roles and industries through candidate interactions.

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Recruitment Activities

The activities will help you to apply remote jobs high efficiency, do onlne remote job interview and discuss remote job informations

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