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This is a remote position.

In this position, you will be responsible for enhancing the company’s web-based 3D editor and contributing to the development of a 3D character creator, akin to ReadyPlayerMe. Strong expertise in 3D graphics and software, such as Maya and Blender, is essential, along with proficiency in technologies like Babylon.js, Three.js, or WebGL.


Required Knowledge:

Extensive experience (3+ years) working with WebGL/Three.js/Babylon.js or any other web-based 3D graphics library.

Strong understanding of 3D models, textures, materials, and rigging, including their functionality and interactions.

Proficiency in shaders and their application in 3D graphics.

Optional Experience:

Familiarity with frontend frameworks such as VueJS or React, enhancing the ability to integrate 3D graphics into web applications.

Experience in Computer Graphics using other programming languages like C++, broadening the candidate’s skillset.

Proficiency in rigging and animating 3D characters, which can be an added advantage in the role.

Prior work experience with Maya, Blender, or Unity, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of 3D software tools.

Development experience in any of the following areas: retargeting, graph editor, modeling tools, inverse kinematics, showcasing the ability to handle complex aspects of 3D graphics development.


Attractive salary range: $4000 – $7500, providing competitive compensation for the role.

Equity options package, offering the opportunity for eligible candidates to have a stake in the company’s growth and success.

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) or other exceptional perks granted to outstanding candidates after their probationary period, acknowledging and rewarding their exceptional contributions and commitment to the company.

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