Aloha Consulting Group

This is a remote position.

This position entails enhancing the company’s web-based 3D editor and contributing to the development of a 3D character creator, akin to ReadyPlayerMe. A strong grasp of 3D graphics and software (such as Maya and Blender) is essential, alongside proficiency in Babylon.js, Three.js, or WebGL.


Required Expertise:

Substantial experience (3+ years) in working with WebGL/Three.js/Babylon.js or other web-based 3D graphics libraries.

In-depth understanding of the functioning of 3D models, textures, materials, and rigging.

Proficient knowledge of shaders for advanced graphics manipulation.

Optional Experience:

Familiarity with frontend frameworks such as VueJS/React.

Background in Computer Graphics within other programming languages like C++.

Hands-on experience in rigging and animating 3D characters.

Competence in working with software tools like Maya, Blender, or Unity.

Capability in developing features like retargeting, graph editors, modeling tools, and inverse kinematics.

Aloha Consulting Group

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