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This is a remote position.

Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams to design and advance Deep Learning models for industrial drones, with a specific focus on Visualization, Object Detection, and IoT applications.

Explore and implement cutting-edge Deep Learning techniques to enhance drone capabilities, elevate visualizations, and optimize object detection accuracy.

Establish and manage extensive databases at a large scale to facilitate training and validation, ensuring efficient data handling and preprocessing pipelines.

Develop and deploy Deep Learning models for the analysis and interpretation of data gathered from industrial drones, enabling actionable insights and real-time decision-making.

Work closely with software engineers and hardware teams to seamlessly integrate Deep Learning algorithms into drone systems, ensuring effective synergy.


A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. A Master’s or Ph.D. degree would be highly advantageous.

A minimum of 7 years of hands-on industrial experience with a dedicated focus on Machine Learning or Deep Learning.

Profound proficiency in Deep Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras.

Demonstrated mastery in Visualization, Object Detection, and IoT domains.

A proven track record of effectively handling large-scale databases and adeptly managing substantial volumes of data using Machine Learning methodologies.

Prior exposure to deploying Deep Learning models in practical real-world scenarios.

Exceptional command of programming languages, particularly Python, and a knack for crafting efficient and well-structured code.

Exceptional aptitude for problem-solving and a creative outlook for surmounting intricate technical hurdles.

Robust communication prowess and adept collaboration skills, essential for thriving in a remote and cross-functional work environment.

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