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This is a remote position.

Our client is an investment fund in the Netherlands who is looking for a qualified candidate to join their team:

Conducting extensive research and analysis on target companies, including their financial statements, market position, industry trends, and competitive landscape.

Assessing the legal and regulatory compliance of target companies, including reviewing contracts, licenses, permits, and potential legal risks.

Evaluating the operational aspects of target companies, such as their supply chain, production capabilities, distribution networks, and technology infrastructure.

Identifying and assessing potential synergies, risks, and challenges associated with the proposed acquisition or investment.

Preparing due diligence reports and presenting findings and recommendations to the investment team and senior management.

Collaborating with external advisors, such as legal counsel, auditors, and consultants, to gather additional expertise and insights.

Participating in negotiations, deal structuring, and the overall transaction process, providing input based on your due diligence findings.

Monitoring and tracking the post-acquisition or post-investment performance of companies to ensure the realization of anticipated benefits and identify potential issues.

Ability to analyze P&L and cost structure

Ability to analyze Balance sheet, specifically stock analyses and finance-structure

Understand forecast and be able to make a budget based on the provided information

Being able to make a cash flow planning based on the provided, available information


A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or a related field is typically required.

Previous experience in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, or a similar role involving mergers and acquisitions is highly valued.

Strong financial analysis skills are essential for evaluating target companies’ financial statements, assessing their performance, and projecting future financial outcomes.

Solid knowledge of due diligence processes, methodologies, and best practices is necessary. Experience in conducting due diligence in the context of mergers and acquisitions is preferred.

Familiarity with the investment fund’s focus industry or industries is beneficial.

Understanding industry dynamics, market trends, and key success factors will help in evaluating target companies effectively.

Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, are vital for preparing due diligence reports, presenting findings to stakeholders, and engaging in negotiations.

Being detail-oriented is crucial to identify potential risks and uncover important information

Be dynamic and fast-paced. Being adaptable and skilled in managing multiple priorities and deadlines is essential.

Time flexible, be available for timezone Europe.

Ideally has knowledge of the German language but not necessary (use of translation software might work out).

Fluent in English

Time flexible, be available for timezone Europe

Contact: Huong Do

Aloha Consulting Group

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