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At Aristocrat, We are on a mission to find the best talent potential individuals in thirst for innovation & Knowledge evolution.

Career in Aristocrat Involves remote modality and several cutting edge stipend linked corporate certification in house programs.

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As part of our onboarding process, we request that you complete a 20-day unpaid individual development focused team induction period prior to commencing your employment..


Lead and manage a remote team of employees or contractors, setting clear goals and expectations

Provide direction, guidance, and mentorship to team members to ensure their professional growth

Foster a collaborative and positive remote work culture, promoting teamwork and communication

Monitor team performance and productivity, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies

Set and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure team and individual success

Coordinate team schedules, assignments, and project deadlines to ensure effective time management

Conduct regular virtual meetings and check-ins to maintain team engagement and alignment

Address and resolve any challenges or conflicts within the remote team

Collaborate with other remote team leaders and managers to ensure consistency and efficiency

Stay updated with remote work best practices and technologies to enhance team collaboration


Bachelors degree in a relevant field (Masters degree or leadership certification is a plus)

Proven experience as a Remote Team Leader, Team Manager, or similar role

Strong leadership and communication skills, especially in a virtual environment

Excellent organizational and time management abilities

Ability to motivate and inspire remote team members

Proficiency in remote communication tools and platforms (Slack, Zoom, etc.)

Problem-solving mindset and ability to adapt to changing circumstances

Knowledge of remote work best practices and trends

Empathy and understanding of the unique challenges of remote teams

Strong decision-making and conflict-resolution skills

Ability to build trust and maintain relationships in a virtual setting


Extreme Learning and training environment.

Continuous growth every 3 months financially & in Responsibilities.

Compensation based on contribution value.

Aristocrat IT Solutions

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