About Us

Inspectorio is a SaaS company founded in 2016, aimed at helping brands, retailers and manufacturers build an interconnected supply chain. Through our suite of products, including RISE, SIGHT, and TRACKING, we’re able to support our customers to manage risk through digitalized quality, compliance, and production tracking programs.

Bound by our mission to build an interconnected, sustainable, and transparent supply chain, we’ve grown to over 300 Inspectorians globally in 6 years and was named Best Tech StartUp in 2021 by The Tech Tribune. And the industry sees our vision, as today, Inspectorio is used by over 8,000 customers, including some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.

Challenging ourselves through our commitment to life-time learning is in our DNA. Thus, we’re always in pursuit of raising the bar and delivering high-quality products to our customers. As such, we are currently offering a great opportunity for a Senior Software Engineer – Python, CORE Team to join our world class Engineering Team.

Inspectorio’s Senior Software Engineers are responsible for ideating and developing products that solve problems in the supply chain by architecting scalable, extensible, and highly available services. At Inspectorio, we value engineers that have high levels of curiosity, attention to detail, and are great team players.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will collaborate closely with product owners to consult technical approaches, other engineers to design technical solutions, QAs to maintain the quality, and yourself to continuously bring improvements to the team and the product.

You are also the bridge to collaborate with our client’s IT department to develop our Integration capabilities with high performance and extensibility.

Our Technologies:
Primary: Python, Django/Flask/AioHttp/FastAPI, Postgres, Cloud computing
In advance: Nodejs, Express.js/Next.js, MongoDb, ElasticSearch, Redis, Kafka, MQ
Extra tooling: OpenAPI/Swagger/JSON-Schema, Docker, k8s

What you’ll do

Work in full functional squads to brainstorm, design, develop, deliver and maintain products

Write high-quality code that other engineers can quickly catch up the idea

Design data models, API specifications, communications among services

Monitor and optimize applications performance

Quickly react bug reports

Continuously contribute ideas for improvement


Must have

5+ years of experience in web development

Strong computer science foundation

Deep understanding of how to build high-performance, decoupled, testable, maintainable code

Deep knowledge of coding standards, design patterns, refactoring skills, and unit tests

Deep knowledge of backend development using Python/Nodejs/Javascript/Go

Deep knowledge of Relational/NoSQL databases

Experience in Message Queue

Experience in Restful API

Experience in Agile development

Preferred qualifications

Experience in Flask/Django//FastAPI

Experience in Celery

Experience in PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch

Experience in Microservices

Experience in CI/CD, Google Cloud, Docker, K8s


Why it would be awesome to work with us

🍹 Unlimited annual leave: Yes, you heard that right! We take work:life balance seriously!

🏝️ Flexible working: You can WFA, or from our many hubs around the world.

💪 Project ownership: Whatever work or social project you’re passionate about, we’ll listen!

🥳 Fun: Company-sponsored trips, weekly parties, sporting events, and more.

🌱 Personal and professional growth: we make sure to invest heavily in our team!

🌎 Global team: you’ll be joining a fun, and welcoming global team from over 40 countries.

Our Values

Carlos Moncayo, our CEO wrote these values himself – he’s deeply passionate about these and they’re at the center of everything we do. They’re in our day-to-day and our driving force for success.

EXCELLENCE: We pursue mastery and craftsmanship. “Good enough” is our enemy. We have a thirst and desire for knowledge. There’s always an opportunity to be better.

AUTONOMY: We act independently when recognizing opportunities for improvement. We seek guidance, and clear goals instead of orders. We self-assess the quality and impact of our work.

COURAGE: We share our opinion, even if it’s uncomfortable. We are candid with colleagues. We are willing to experiment and try something new, even if we’re not sure it will succeed.

HUMBLENESS: We crave opportunities to learn from the people around us. We leave our egos outside the office. We focus on listening to other perspectives.


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