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About Us

Jitera, inc. is a startup company from Japan that makes software to automate the development of mobile and web applications, and do lots of client projects. Our product can be called as No-Code, Low-Code, and code generator. By using our product, we can develop software 10 times faster.

It’s under development with a lot of tries and errors, but the number of applications developed with our product is increasing, and in fact, there is a case that a mobile application was developed about 10 times faster than usual.

As the characteristics of our company, we are a team of professionals working remotely, and we have a track record of significant growth over the past year in terms of revenue, product development, and team members.

Job Overview

Our business is growing steadily, so we are expanding our engineer team to implement products using Jitera’s automation system. We are looking for talented engineers who can implement client projects and feedback a lot to improve the automation product, because we need to actually experience many projects to understand what architectures, features, and business processes are required in our automation systems.

Why Candidate should apply for this position?

We are a startup having a lot of try and error, and growth. Talented engineers who are passionate to grow our business are in our team.

You can work from everywhere, and anywhere. We’re a remote and flextime team.


Duties and Responsibilities

Design, implement, test and release high-quality software speedy.

Work with other engineers, designers, and product managers to implement various features while considering maintainability, security, and performance.

Represent the engineering team in meetings, contributing to ideas relevant to the product growth with a strong understanding of future customers and their desires.

Monitor and bug fix to ensure that customers can use the application expectedly.

Create technical documentation and communicate clearly across the product team.

Support team members to review, feedback, and onboard.

Required Qualifications

More than 5 years of experience in software development

More than 3 years of experience in Node/React and TypeScript

Business level English skills (speaking / listening/ writing/ reading)

Good understanding of fundamental design patterns in software design.

Ability to work independently.

Communication skills to work cooperatively in a remote team.

Ability to prepare remote work environment where you can focus on your work with stable network place.

Desirable Experiences

Experience of React Native development

Experience of server-side development with NestJS.

Experience to develop applications with NoCode services.

Tech Stack

Frontend: TypeScript, React, React Native, Styled Components

Backend: NestJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP Laravel

Database: MySQL, Redis

Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, Terraform, HashiCorp Vault

CI/CD: Github Actions, AWS CodePipeline

Project management: Github, Jira

Documentation: Notion, Google Workspace, Miro

Communication: Slack, Gather, DailyBot

Work Styles

Full remote. You can work from all over the world. Of course, you can also work from your home.

Full flextime system. You can work anytime in your timezone, but you need to attend regular team and company meetings.

Can work part-time during the probation if you recently have a full-time job.

Selection Process * Culture interview (30 min)

Coding assignment (homework)

Technical interview (30-60min)

Final interview (20mins)

Probationary period (1 month) (can be part-time during only this period)


Premium insurance, private health insurance

MacBook M2 Pro provided

22 annual leaves, paid time off

Tax payment (maximum 10% of salary)

Special events, occasions celebrations, and gifts

Co-working space

Sponsorship for classes according to your demand. For instance, we’re providing English classes and some classes on Udemy.

Some benefits if you’ll work as a full-time regular employee


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