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Are you a seasoned professional in the digital media/marketing agency landscape, with a burning desire to leverage your knowledge and skills in a role that truly resonates with your capabilities? IDM Brands presents an exciting opportunity for you!


We are looking for someone that would be the Operations Manager (EOS Integrator) at IDM Brands, you will be the driving force behind our day-to-day operations, guiding the development and growth of our core brands. This role is pivotal in transforming ideas into reality, and your technical acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and comprehensive understanding of marketing will be your tools.

Your responsibilities will be multi-faceted, here are some examples:

– We need to drive the creation of a recruitment partner network for one of our brands. As well as looking at the packages and understanding how we can optimize them.

– Optimizing the cost per lead of our new travel agency’s FB campaigns, through better ads (Working with the content and design team). Through finding ways to optimize the website conversion and finding SEO issues.

– You will be instrumental in growing our e-commerce marketing brands in collaboration with our partner, focusing on SEO, Google advertising, and native ads.

– Audit our brands (see ) and see what the best ways are to improve them. From technical SEO to strategy and monetization (our offers, pricing, structure etc.).

– Work with some of our agency clients where necessary.

– Act as a team leader for a group of 14 dedicated staff

– Your role will extend beyond management. You will ensure that every team member is engaged in productive work

Conduct team meetings. Your one-on-one meetings with team members will set and monitor goals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

We are a brand-building organization. Our core brands are a performance marketing agency, a travel agency, and a recruitment agency.

Visit our website – to learn more about what we do as an organization. This position presents a fantastic opportunity to influence the direction of our brand and truly make a difference in a results-driven environment.


Your role will be dynamic, encompassing a range of responsibilities:

Overseeing team workloads, driving progress, and ensuring productivity.

Spearheading growth and innovation initiatives.

Engaging with leads and clients, understanding their needs, and facilitating a smooth onboarding process.

Collaborating with the production team and key accounts to drive brand growth.

Enhancing client acquisition through the creation and adjustment of company communication materials.

Collaborating with lead generation personnel to plan and execute audience-targeted initiatives.

Setting organizational priorities, aligning the team, and driving results.

Cultivating a culture that lives and breathes the company’s core values.

Ensuring efficient communication within the organization and keeping everyone on task.

Maintaining organizational clarity and synchronicity.

Driving the creation and maintenance of a recruitment partner network.

Identifying and closing gaps in our new travel agency, from recruitment to FB ads and website conversion optimization.

Assisting in the growth of our e-commerce marketing brands with a focus on SEO, Google advertising, and native ads.

Hosting team meetings with enthusiasm and charisma.

Conducting one-on-one meetings to set and monitor team goals.

Recruiting team members as necessary and identifying ways to optimize the company’s operation.

Stepping in to assist with agency clients when needed.


Advanced SEO knowledge and experience.

Advanced Advertising background and experience (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc).

Significant experience in a client-focused digital marketing agency.

Broad experience in operations, marketing, and business development.

A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field.

Ability to thrive in a high-pressure environment, setting ambitious goals and achieving them.

Excellent people management skills and the ability to be persuasive.


Open, honest, respectful, and detail-oriented.

Ability to accommodate cultural differences and foster teamwork.

Comfortable in a self-managing environment and efficient in execution.

Knowledgeable, trustworthy, and authentic.

Able to adapt to individual communication needs.

Empowering, goal-oriented, and willing to share personal experiences and mistakes.

Ready to jump in, roll up your sleeves, and make things happen.

This position presents a fantastic opportunity to influence the direction of our brand and truly make a difference in a results-driven environment. We are an equal opportunity employer, and all are welcome to apply.


Medical insurance
Flexible working hours
Growth opporunities

Keller Executive Search

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