Job Description

The Shopify Frontend Developer will work as part of a team alongside a Technical Lead, further developers and Project Manager.

Require regular communication with the team with the aim of putting features live on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

Will be required to QA the work themselves and get it to a point where it can be signed-off by the client before handing it over to the Technical Lead for deployment.

Time all work against estimates provided by the Technical Lead and ensure timely communication in scenarios where the estimates cannot be met.

Will perform code reviews on a daily basis of his colleagues’ commits to ensure best practice coding standards.


The candidate must have a minimum of 1-year experience working with Shopify in a commercial environment.

Example code will be required for review during this process.

Three sample sites which you helped build or which you have added significant features to after the initial build. The candidate must be able to explain their role in the development process in detail and outline the challenges they experienced and lessons learned during the process.

A strong understanding of the unique communication requirements of remote working.

Strong debugging skills.

Strong working knowledge of Git.

Extensive knowledge of HTML5 is a must, in addition to experience with modern CSS3 features such as flex, and css grid. Knowing when not to use them is just as important.

You will be using various build tools such as node, npm, eslint, stylelint and related tools

Experience with modern javascript, CSS3, POSTCSS and tailwaind CSS is a must

Knowing the role that documentation and testing plays in the development cycle.

All of our frontends are responsive and mobile first. You must have demonstrable experience and be comfortable working from mobile first designs.

Optional Nice-to-Haves

Experience in performance tuning, security, composer, devops, git flow.

Experience of working with Ruby.

Knowledge of a modern frontend javascript framework would be of benefit – react in particular.

Any experience building custom PWAs (or similar RESTful development) and service workers would also be advantageous.

Experience with Frontend testing tools such as Jest and/or Cypress

Front end templating languages such as smarty, twig, mustache, liquid and handlebars

Awareness of Core Web Vital scores and the sort of changes that can impact them

Who are StudioForty9

StudioForty9 is a recognised leader in the Irish digital sector, with an award-winning and proven track-record of delivering, maintaining and continuously improving high-performance ecommerce and omnichannel retail solutions for the Irish retail industry. The StudioForty9 team is experienced, innovative, and committed to excellence and we count some of Ireland’s most experienced ecommerce professionals among our number.

Our experience and ability has led us to work with some of Ireland’s household names in retail. We have helped those companies to grow their business in Ireland by capturing extra market share and serving their instore and online customers across a wider range of commercial channels as well as overseas, by opening up previously inaccessible markets and building the integrations, automated processes and workflows needed to help scale an online business for international sales.

We are at the forefront of Irish ecommerce and ahead of the pack when it comes to implementing innovative and complex ecommerce solutions for omnichannel and international sales at scale, while also excelling at design and customer experience, and keeping right up to date with ecommerce trends and new requirements in compliance and regulations.

We operate on a partnership approach where our clients come first. We strive to develop long-term and meaningful relationships. We are platform agnostic, which allows us advise and enable our clients to get the system best suited to their needs and ambitions.


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